Sunday, May 7, 2017

Jon's Boot Camp Precepts

1. Never make up information.
2. Accept that you are the question and the answer to your existence.
3. You are the only thing that could be here.
4. Remember that you are not separate from the truth.
5. The ego is not real; the preference of wants give the appearance of a second self.
6. Always keep your mind on how the truth serves itself to be free.
7. Keep your word so your mind doesn't create false reality.
8. When knowledge matches actuality, separation disappears.
9. See clearly you are experiencing the perception of the mind's condition and also that conditions filter through memory and emotion.
10. The outer layer of your perception can be expanded with unconditional acceptance.
11. There is no falseness when the second self is gone.

Copyright: Nonduality Bootcamp 2017

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