Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Results

The mind hankers and hungers after a result,
constantly imagining a plan.

Heart reveals the plan as it is,
and effortlessly, the character 
walks along the plot,
never leaving the taste of perfect being,
that never depends on any circumstance.

Specifically, there is nothing 
to say or not say about all this.

For the actions are beyond language.
Language is the very nature of the mind.

Precise language, spoken from 
beyond the mind is the 
Eternal Awareness speaking,
not the body-mind character.

It is hard for one to know the difference,
unless they are beyond their own mind.


  1. In my experience, the difficulty knowing the difference is the result of self-deception... all Love ~

    1. yes, that often is the case... taking oneself as the conditioning that is in the brain is the identification that most humans are operating from... realization can change much of the conditioning in some cases but not all... love to you cathy