Friday, December 25, 2009

even desirelessness falls away

as it only stands relative to desire

when the whole scope of duality

perishes from the Self like air from a baloon

only awareness remains

free of action, free of concepts

this is the natural state where truly nothing is ever happening

Friday, December 11, 2009

Am I really born?

A wave of activity or action will take place
and something synchronistic will occur that seems to have personal meaning.

For example, I was in the library with my son and happened to pick up a book about D.H. Lawrence, then a couple days later I did a google search on him.

Turns out he has the same birth day that I do, so now there seems to be some relevance projected about a similarity
and this is where the deeper meaning can be unlocked.

In the relating to one's own life as the individual form and personality, one relates to that which reminds it of itself,
thus reinforcing this sense of a meaningful personal experience.

So, this syncronisity is only relevant to the extent that discharging importance of one's personal story is possible.

Life is always providing opportunities to deeply meet the awareness that is.

And so, it is not about making connections like, Hmmmm, maybe I was D. H.  Lawrence in a past life... this is where the spiritual trap takes place. 

Go deeper and further and the dawning realization inevitably will be,  Hmmmmm... exactly how and why did this person others are relating to come into existence? Am I really born? If I am pure awareness how do i keep clinging to name and form?

In this approach the grasping at identity can dissolve into pure being without any story of significance beyond simple presence.