Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fourth state

Turning one's attention inward reveals the 'fourth state'. The three states common to all are waking, dreaming, and dreamless sleep.

The state that these three alternating states occur in is Reality or Home or Heart or Self.

Being established in this state illiminates comparitive evaluation to another being's life.

One's activities become entireley independent of cognitive evaluation even to the one whose form is acting. Just as there is no particular interest to evaluate a stranger's actions, the interest to evaluate the actions of one's own apparent form ceases.


  1. True, and yet we realize that we have always been love as love; we were just lost in our thoughts about who and what we are. When we hug a friend or listen to a family member rant, we are love. When we water the flowers and pet the animals, we are love. When we write plays whose intent is to awaken another, we are love. When we are grateful, we are love. There is an unclenching of the soul when we realize we are always enlightened, and that we only need surrender to this knowing and we are free as love. It does not matter if someone experiences our bodies or not as no matter what they see, feel, touch, or judge, we know that we are love and that is all that matters in matter.

  2. In my experience, this isn't any 'and yet'... in your experience there is sharing love... what you refer to love, i call Self, as love can come and go, Self can not... love rises from Heart, Heart doesn't rise or fall... unless one is love every moment of the day and in deep sleep, it is only temporary and not Real... but this is not for intellectual debate as Self and Love have no need for such... it is only semantics in the end and we understand beyond words what we are sharing with one another. Thanks Richerd for being You