Monday, October 12, 2009

Desireless Action

The characteristics of desireless action are such:

Dispassion, disinterest, equanimity, tranquility, lucidity, selflessness, calmness, fearlessness, spontaneity, originality, courage, usefulness, being practical.


  1. I resonate with much of what you share Rafe. "Dis" is an interesting way to perceive. I know that many wise beings use these words and I am merely observing them in this context here today.

    I feel we are more than dis-passion "or" passion; as we we are love now being love, and being cognizant of our word usage is paramount in a world of vibration creation. We are to be mindful of the subtle ego paths hidden in words and concepts that deny or defy as we will again find ourselves on another mission "off" to somewhere. And also there is no way not to be interested in something else we would not exist. It may be simpler to know that we are just now doing what we do and that is that. When we "dis" it is a polarity against what we are dissing and then we are merely doing things or not doing things to satisfy our subtle battle. So if we do what we do as one or as many this is what we are doing. There is no need for abstraction; we are always doing something, be it in stillness or in action. Words are always limited in comparison to the fluid experience of the moment. And so we then spend our time talking ourselves into and out of our expression, when if we just surrender to the now we are free.

    We either do it or we do not do it, and if we don't think about why we did or didn't do it and continue flowing here we ARE.

  2. The Bhagavad Gita is about performing action without attachment to the fruits. Love is a broad, general word that can be misleading. If one's path is the path of love, then one should embrace this and be it. Like Amma giving hugs in pure love. Not all 'Saints' or Sages or wise people engage in this type of 'love'. There are many expressions of Love, and one of them is detachment and disinterest.

  3. Thank you
    Raf and Richard

    All and others

    for being so present
    in pure presence

    now here nowhere
    always in all ways.
    was is and ever shall be.

    om hreem Agni Arunachaleshwara.
    om namah Shivaya!
    Om ॐ all love ♥ amen.

    no belief. be still. be love.