Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The desire to do or not do anything is absent.

As soon as a thought about the future is identified with, there seems to arise an experiencer of that thought.

A simple thought, like, I have to pick up my son at 2:00 today is not the same as
thoughts like, how do I get people to buy my book? Or when will I be enlightened?

These types of thoughts are projections of an identity that doesn't really exist.

The 'I-thought' generates ideas about itself and about a fantasy life it wants to have but it is no more you than a reflection in a mirror.

To stay as Self is to be in desireless action. As being Self, desire is seen as relative to the body and mind only. As Self is source of body and mind, the desire to do or not do anything, is absent.

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  1. What we do for more than our individual selves gain IS SELF in action as it is recognizing and loving the total ONE that we ARE.