Saturday, September 26, 2009

Virtual Temple

In ancient times, when a group of inspired monks, hermits, or servants came together to build a temple, in order to purify the heart of humanity, they collected rocks and built a sanctuary one stone at a time.

They created a place of communion, worship, healing, support, love, kindness, compassion, and service.

Nowadays we find we have connections in India, Canada, England, USA, etc., so the temple is built on the internet.

And we can come and learn, teach, share, grow, assist, etc.

I have met a lot of people on the Internet that i am able to call brothers or sisters, that i feel a genuine trust with, so let's continue to build a temple one post at a time.

All are welcome, and ultimately I see providing a support network to people in need or challenge or in crisis, etc.

As we stabalize in steady recognition of
Self, it is natural to offer support to those who are struggling to stay afloat or grounded or balanced, etc.

I'm not saying i have any specific vision or plan, just one stone at a time, one post at a time...


  1. Thank you Rafe. That was a lovely start. It is a joy to know you.


  2. wow a comment
    i'm not just speaking inside my own mind
    oh... yes i am... we are all in this mind together, let's purify, express freely, shine, inspire, serve, dissappear, be quiet and dance

  3. What a wonderful way to put it brother. Here we are realizing the one digital and analog temple.