What does A.H. Nonprofit do? A.H.Nonprofit provides services to people who are in need, feeling lost, challenged by practical living needs, or facing spiritual crisis, as well as being an aide for people focused on a life of Self-inquiry, surrender, or devotion.

What are the "services" that A.H. provides?
Free website with free videos, articles, links to downloadable texts, and resources that focus on removing the obstacles to Self-realization.

How-To guides to finding employment or life-situations that allow focus on Self-realization while still earning some income.

After state liscensing is received, free addiction counseling will be provided, both online and in person when possible.

What is  self-inquiry?
Self-inquiry is a way of investigating the nature and source of the 'I-thought', which Ramana Maharshi made more well known to the common public.

What do the letters A and H stand for in A.H. Nonprofit? 
The letters A and H represent  multiple projects. Two of them…
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